Creating a menu is very easy. In this article, we'll take you step by step through the whole process.

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.
  • Click "Create a new menu", choose a menu name and click "Create Menu".
  • Set menu location, for example as "Primary Menu".
  • Click "Save Menu".

Adding pages and sub-menus to menu.

To add a page to the menu, expand the "Pages" tab from the menu on the left side of the page. Select the pages you wish to add and click "Add to Menu".

You can change the order of the pages using the "drag & drop" method – hold the selected item with the mouse and drag it where you wish. In precisely the same way, you can create a sub-menu.  Just drag the item slightly to the right – to the position of the "parent" of your sub-menu. At the end, confirm the changes by clicking the "Save Menu" button.

Adding a Custom Link to menu.

You can add a link to the main page, or any other page you wish.

In order to do so, expand the "Custom Links" tab form the menu on the left side of the page. Enter the URL and the text which will be displayed in the menu. Then click "Add to Menu".

If you want the page to open in a new tab, click the "Screen Options" button (its in the top right corner of the page) and mark the "Link Target". Then click on the arrow on the right side of the item in the "Menu Structure". Additional options will appear, mark the "Open link in new tab".

Adding a Category/Tag Page to menu.

In order to add a category to the menu, expand the "Categories" tab from the menu located on the left side of the page. Mark the category which you wish to add, and click "Add to Menu".

You can add links to tags in the same way. Go to "Screen Options" (upper-right corner), and mark "Tags". An additional "Tags" tab, will appear beside the Menu Structure.

Disabling "Sticky Nav" effect while page scrolling.

By default, the menu sticks to the top of the page while scrolling, thanks to which it is always visible to the user. You can turn this off.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize.
  • Click on "General Settings" in the menu on the left.
  • Find the "Disable Sticky Nav" and click it.
  • Confirm the changes by clicking on "Save & Publish".

You can disable the search engine buttons in the menu, in the exact same way. Just uncheck the "Show Search in Primary Menu" option.